My name is Josh Nice. Im 18 years old and I’m from a town in Essex just north of London. I skate, travel and shoot photos. When I’m not travelling I develop and print my photos at home in my darkroom. I’m very fond of collecting photo books and zines as well as creating my own.

I shoot people and street photography. I guess what I am most known for is shooting people. I shoot the things around me and the environments I find myself in. Lately I have been shooting birds, I’m not sure why, they just really intrigue me. I like to have something to compliment the birds, either trees or buildings against a plain sky, I’m really digging it.

I shoot on a range of different formats, Mostly 35mm but I do tend to shoot a lot of 120. And as for cameras It doesn’t matter what camera someone has, You could have the best camera in the world but your photos could be whack. The camera is just a tool so as long as you have a good eye, good ideas and originality you can take amazing photos.

Instagram: @joshnice

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