Name: Diana Debrito

Age: 20

Where did the name IAMDDB blossom from?

I kind of got bored of my name, and didn’t really want to use my actual name anyway. IAMDDB just still states who I am Diana De Brito, but just has a better ring my g.

What does music mean to you?

Music is my life, music soothes my soul, music understands me and I understand music; we become one. I can’t imagine a life without music. It’s one of the only beneficial addictions to have.

How would you say your music has changed since you started out?

I feel now I am more comfortable with my own sound, whereas in the past I may not have understood why I sang a specific way. I feel now I know my sound more, I’m able to experiment with the right textures, tones, rhythms, lyrics and thoughts which overall create IAMDDB.

Can you explain Mermaid Season.

OOO oooo MERMAID SEASON! Since I made leaned out I’ve just loved playing around with different coloured extensions, long hair makes me feel like a princess, and because they were pink they made me feel like a mermaid. Simple but effective, catchy as hell.

What’s been your favourite part about creating the EP?

I think creating and hearing it completed for the first time is always the most magical part, my favourite moment. Going through the process of layering vocals is something I love to do.

What producers did you work with?

I worked with various producers throughout : Pitchbeats, Khadu, Tenpoets and TayoIComposeConcepts. They are all friends of mine who are incredibly talented, and together we all created Waeveybby which is something I hold close to my heart.

Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

I would love to collab with Lianne la Havas, Jordan Rakei and Tom Misch, They’re all super wavey and have influenced me in some way.

Your videos are so beautiful and have a relatable, chilled vibe about them, is that your idea?

Yeah, I always make sure I discuss with the videographer that the behind the scene shots and capturing the real vibe is an element I prefer to always have. I just think it helps people’s perception; I’m not living a fairytale, it’s real life just like everybody else’s. Love and good vibes.

What’s the Manchester music scene currently looking like, are there any artists that we should know about?

The MCR scene be SHPOPPIN’. Too many waves coming from MCR, there are too many to mention. However it’s exciting to see more prominent females within the music industry, who are both extremely talented and hard-working.

Your lyrics speak about finding yourself, and letting go of people to go your own way. Are there moments where you loose your sense of self, and if so how do you get back in control of that?

Life is a constant journey, we are constantly learning, whether from mistakes or wise choices we face. I don’t ever loose my sense of self, but I can sometimes forget I too matter to me, and without loving me first I can’t love them to my full potential. To get back in control, I have to return to putting myself first and refocusing energies. That way my life priorities align, and all the other chaos life brings shall fall where it belongs.

What influences your lyrics and song writing?

My thoughts, different views, trap music to jazz music, different people I’m around. It could be anything, it could even just be a word somebody says a specific way. Inspiration is all around me through every experience and every being. Sometimes I could make something really meaningful but the next day I may want to talk about drinking lean and leaning out haha. That’s why it’s crucial to lace your ideas there and then, the sauce different errday!

How does your music aim to inspire others?

I hope others feel some form of empowerment, acceptance and comfort. We all feel things, good and bad, but so long as you know you aren’t alone it makes things seem not so bad. Reminding yourself of your own self worth is something I think should be promoted a lot more than it is. It’s ok to fall in love, but it’s also ok to love yourself.

What are you looking forward to the most in 2017?

I’m looking forward to seeing how whoever listens to my music take to the new vibes I create. I hope the response continues to be positive. I’ve got some exciting collaborations and shows coming this year, so it’s definitely a year to stay watching the mermaid, because we’re coming in FULL FORCE.

Instagram: iamddb_
Soundcloud: iamddb

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