Name: Dan Cox

Age: 31

Tell us about yourself.

Currently living in Sheffield working in the city archives but about to move to London in less than a week to work in the V&A’s photographic archive, exciting times. I started shooting photos slightly more seriously about 5 years ago maybe after stepping down from ‘professional’ BMX riding, I find the similarities between shooting photos and riding interesting, shooting photos gives you the same excuse to wander a city aimlessly hoping for something to catch your eye around the next corner as riding did.

What do you like to shoot?

It’s just whatever catches my eye really, people looking despondent or vacant always catches my attention, scenes which are partially obscured or veiled in some way are always interesting, unintentional symmetry or pattern, so yeah it depends really.

What camera do you use?

The Istanbul stuff was shot on an xpro1 with 42mm lens, Madrid stuff was on a Ricoh GR 28mm lens, Sheffield stuff on my Konica Hexar AF, have settled on the Hexar (at least for now), amazing camera.

What would you say the main narrative behind your images are?

No narrative really, I don’t feel like I’ve settled down into a style yet, I like to try and shoot images that have a graphic quality but still have a human element or intrigue to them, and when putting elements together in the frame start to suggest something that might not have actually been present in the ‘real’ moment.


What photo is your favourite, if so why?

I’m a pretty harsh critic of my stuff, I suppose my hope is always the next picture I take will be a favourite, I like the one of just the guys belly, hand and cig poking out from behind the wall, nice muted green and reds, and I feel like you can get a full mental picture of the guy just from what little you see of him.

Are you working on anything we can look forward to?

Always trying to put a zine of some kind together (but then usually disregarding them half finished), hopefully London should be a fruitful place to go out and shoot and get something put together.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/danielcox35/

Website: http://www.4-edges.tumblr.com

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