Hannah Coton – Age 23
Ruby Guymer-Parker – Age 19

Tell us a bit about Dip Girls:

Well, we are both originally from small towns by the sea, but now living and working in Bristol. We wanted to create a platform to share new work, whether that’s music, art, fashion as well as new stuff we’re making as artists. Also getting like-minded people involved with what we’re doing is great, we have a lot of creative friends around us which helps.


How did Dip Girls start?

We wanted to be doing something productive outside of the university setting. We wanted to express ourselves and thought the best way to do that would be through creating an Instagram account. We use Instagram SO much it just made sense.

What projects are you working on for 2017?

Arts Sisterhood UK, a charity in London and Dip Girls are coming together to bring Arts Sisterhood’s free art therapy events to Bristol in February. We are super excited to be a part of this, we went to one of their events in Peckham recently and it’s wicked to see so many female identifying people in one room expressing themselves through art. We also have a zine in the pipeline, so keep your eyes peeled for that one.

Check out the event here


Creatively, who are you looking up to at the moment?

H: I’ve been following the BabyFace girls for a while, they bring together all of their creative mates and give them a space to collaborate and be heard. Art wise, I love Kelsey Brookes’ paintings, Parra has been a fave of mine for years and more recently Inès Longevial – I found her on insta and she’s amazing.

R: Instagram as a whole. It’s a place to gain inspiration and share new work! I’ve also been really inspired by Mike Parillo and classic human form artists like Egon Schiele.

What inspires you as artists?

H: Each other! I find the motivation to work when Ruby is creating some cool stuff, it really helps get my brain juices flowing. My boyfriend Dom really inspires me too, he’s a sick artist and getting his creative input is always welcome. Also, like Ru said in the last point, Instagram is a definite go-to when you’ve got artists block.

R: I agree with that, going to our studio space at uni, seeing people creating big pieces of work really helps with motivation.

Outside of Dip, what do you like to do?

Have a few gins, chilling in our cosy lounge listening to music. Hoping for a visit from the neighbour’s cat. We’ve named her Suki…

Where would you like this path to lead?

R: Somewhere positive.

H: Hopefully getting more people involved with Dip and getting more work out there, and maybe even some fun events later in the year. We’ll see.

Instagram: @dipgirlsbristol
Facebook: @DIPGIRLS

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