Name: Nathalie Basoski 

Age: 21

Tell us about yourself.

Overall very european, born in the Nederlands, moved to Macedonia at the age of 7, moved to New York at 19.
Here I attend Pratt Institute studying filmmaking.

What do you like to shoot?

I shoot fashion, street and everything in between.

What camera do you use?

I currently own the sony a6300 which was the baby I was very proud of, but it’s been letting me down recently so I started shooting 35mm on my uncles Prakrica.

These photos are all from your recent trip to Macedonia, Can you tell us about this?

I went back home to Macedonia over the winter break to spend some time with my family. My break lasted a month so every once in a while I would head out to random villages and city bazars to capture some portraits of people.
I tend to appear like a forgeigner so I went along with that preconception of people and would just say random English words to the people so I can get away with being a tourist.

What would you say the main narrative behind your images are?

This series of images definetly captures a variety in ethnic groups of people in Macedonia. I strive to capture the old, hard working Albanian – Macedonian, or Turkish – Macedonian. And sometimes capture the ‘real’ macedonian in their home villages.

From the brief time I have known of you I have noticed that you like to travel a lot, Where has been your favourite?

I dont travel as much as I wish to, but i can’t complain about the chances I’ve had so far. I tend to look for places that give me even the slightest amout of culture shock, which are hard to get to on a small budget. I recently intentionally took a flight that had a 10 hour layover in Istanbul so I get to capture some moments around there. After that I went to London for a little bit and I must say it has very pleasantly suprised me, not as much of a culture shock, but it was simply a stylfull artistic city.

What drives you as a photographer?

The cliche of sharing moments with other people. But also to shape my reality a little different from others their reality, still real, but with a little more feels, and wonder.

Who do you look up to in the photographic world?

Currently I get inspired by contemporary artists that are just like you and me, no big shows, or expensive books, just people with a camera and a passion that can create magnificent content just by striving to create something original everyday.

Are you working on anything we can look forward to?

I am going to scan my 35mm photos from my trip to Macedonia, Serbia, Albania,Turkey and England and I’m very excited and very terrified at the same time.

Instagram? – is my insta (still working on a website, sorry)

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