Age: 22

Tell us about yourself.

I’m a photographer/painter who’s been calling Philadelphia home for the last year and a half. When I’m not making art you can catch me riding my track or bmx bike around the city.

What do you like to shoot?

My friends and the cool things that I come in contact with going through the rat race of life.

What camera do you use?

I jump between an Olympus xa , a Kodak kb12 , and disposables when they’re not working correctly. It’s not about the camera, it’s about who’s behind it

What would you say the main narrative behind your images are?

I wouldn’t say theres a narrative to these images . I’m just lucky to be in a place and around people that are open with there lives and trust me enough to document the things we do.

What drives you as a photographer?

The need to create. If I didn’t have the passion to make things I’d kill myself.

What photo in your gallery is your favourite, why?

Thats a hard one….. id have to say my favorite has to be the one of my pal carving into the wet cement. I took that photo after we just got out from getting into the subway tunnel, having the thought that if a train comes I could possibly get seriously hurt or die gave me this high that only a select few feel

Are you working on anything we can look forward to?

Putting out a zine in the next few months of my favorite photos of the last few years,

Instagram: @kevinbasss

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