Age: 23

Tell us about yourself.

Currently living in Sheffield occupying myself shooting photos, painting etc, and working on a few new projects I’m hoping to have out in the near future.

How did you start taking photos?

Probably when I was given a handy cam that had a broken screen, so I used to just aimlessly video and take photos of whatever mindless stuff we where doing at the time and messed around editing it making all sorts of crap.

What do you like to shoot?

whatever is happening around me really, friends, people, places and just documenting things and putting together projects that I can look back on.

What camera do you use?

currently between using a Contax T2 and a few cheap p&s I don’t mind losing or smashing to pieces. I was shooting with a Leica M6 but ended up having to sell it. And still haven’t got over it.


What would you say the main narrative behind your images are?

I wouldn’t say there is a narrative, but its more of a point of view documentation. I don’t really stage anything I just go about my business and take photos of the things that I find amusing or interesting or situations that I can ‘connect’ with without sounding like a hippie. I don’t like to shoot stuff that might exploit someone or make something off the back of someone else’s misfortune, like I’m sick of seeing hundreds of photos of homeless people asleep. its boring and tacky.

With one word could you describe your photographic style?

I couldn’t say other than the same as ever other reprobate with a point and shoot camera.

What drives you as a photographer?

obsessing over work by others, enjoying the process of putting together zines, and putting stuff out.

Who do you look up to in the photographic world?

Top 5 would be:

Khalik Allah, Boogie, Victor Burgin, Will Robson-Scott and Kevin Cummins

Any last words?



Link to his zine herehttp://dirtynotes.bigcartel.com/product/dirty-notes

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