Jason Colledge aka Fooman is one of the leading photographers in BMX. As much as he would probably deny it due to his humble nature, his photos speak for themselves. Enjoy this interview as we get to know the man behind the lens.

Age: 28 years young.

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Jason Colledge, I go under the nick name Fooman. I’ve been riding BMX for a good ten — fifteen years and since riding I picked up a camera and started to shoot what I love. It’s the best!

You have recently moved to Australia, how is it?

Australia is a cool place, its quite like home just ridiculously hot at times. I’ll be back in good time though, exciting things on the horizon.

What do you like to shoot?

I like to shoot everything… if I’m feeling it then I want to shoot it. Animal/wildlife is seriously good and so uncertain. I guess most things are uncertain though. Obviously I like to shoot BMX as I think it’s something I understand quite well so i feel that I have a rough idea on how to shoot it haha, there is no right way though.

What camera do you use?

Currently using the canon 1ds mkiii but looking to upgrade soon! 1dx would be delicious or medium format digital! Also had an eye out for a 5d mkiii pretty small and simple which I like the idea of. Who knows! I’m a bit of a nerd with equipment!

What would you say the main narrative behind your images are? 

With the BMX photography it’s to try and show what we do. I like to show things the way I see it and the way I want others to see it!

What drives you as a photographer?

I don’t carry a camera with me all the time and I’m quite particular on what I shoot. Like, I always have a picture in my head and that’s what I try to get out through the camera so it’s like a game to me. I think playing this game drives me to shoot.

You are a Senior photographer at Endless Magazine, the only remaining UK BMX print magazine, what are your views on print. Is it dead?

Personally, I think print has its place. It’s like the music scene… vinyl died off but there was always the people who appreciated a raw format. I read that vinyl sales are higher now than they have ever been. I kind of think it boils down to the individual, if you want a hard copy of something you’ll get it. I think limited prints and collectibles will always be about for the true fans therefore I don’t think print is well and truly dead. Probably wrong… I’m normally wrong.

Flash or no flash?

I’m a sucker for flash. I love it! I’ll shoot something ambient then be like damn, should have used flash. I feel flash gives a shot that clean cut look. Even like shooting with flash to mimic ambient, there is something about it that keeps me lugging them around haha.

Digital or film?

Film is amazing. I don’t think you can even come close to it. I love film but shoot digitally just for the nature of what I do. If someone hooked me up with endless amount of film I’d like to just shoot film… any takers?!

Who do you look up to in the photographic world?

Vince Perraud. Best to do it!!

‘It’s the complete opposite of how I like to shoot! I think maybe this is why I like it so much because it’s almost like I haven’t shot it?’

Stefan close up 1

Which photo in your gallery is your favourite and why?

Tough one to choose from. I always tend to have a new favourite that creeps in. Recently it’s been the Stefan Lantschner that’s shot fish eye and ambient and cropping half of him out. It’s even black and white which is rare for me. It’s the complete opposite of how I like to shoot! I think maybe this is why I like it so much because it’s almost like I haven’t shot it. I didn’t look through my view finder I just dialled in a correct exposure then stood on my bike to get a bit higher and held my arms up and took what I thought was the right time.

Anything we can look forward to?

Yes indeed but you’ll have to wait to find out what it is.

Any hairy situations whilst being a photographer?

Errrrr there has been a few. When we were in Alicante the police rolled up to us with broken English like “you must go, guns guns guns, bad place, you must go” and ushered us off. That was pretty fucked, like we had gone into some ghetto without even realising it haha. You always get some shitty situations when shooting BMX I guess.

Out of all the projects you have been apart of, personal and commission based, which has been your favourite?

I think my favourite project I was in on was the Alicante trip for Eclat and Ride UK, the ¥oung Blood$ trip! I was with Cal Earnshaw, Jordan Godwin, Sam Jones and Harry Mills Wakley. Seriously the most enjoyable time to shoot. The sickest crew who are all real close friends of mine, the sickest spots, the most amazing weather. Everyday was incredible and I’ll always remember that trip as one of the best!

Any last words?

Enjoy what you do!


Instagram: @Fo0man


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