Age: 21

Tell us about yourself.

I’m from High Wycombe just west of London, but I live in Cardiff. I’m currently doing my last year of Journalism and Sociology at Cardiff uni. I’m a skateboarder and I play in a couple punk bands. I also take photographs, and I’m looking at doing a Documentary Photography masters in the future.

What do you like to shoot?

I like shooting people most. Be it friends or randomers, anyone who interests me really. I also shoot skateboarding and live bands, but I go through phases with being really stoked or not on shooting those.

What camera do you use?

For the most part I just use a Canon Sureshot point and shoot, but I also use a Minolta SLR or Olympus Trip 35.

What would you say the main narrative behind your images are?

This is a tricky one hah. I’d say there are often themes of youth culture or a punk complex, but I’d like to think I shoot a variety of things and explore other narratives as well.

What drives you as a photographer?

Just documenting the world around me! Be it specific things I’m doing related to skateboarding, music and the people I surround myself with, or daily life more generally.


Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

You have recently blessed us with your zine Lords Of Bute Town, can you tell us about it?

Thank you! Since moving to Cardiff I’ve always loved the skateboarding scene here, and a year or so ago I started taking my camera out with me skating every time. Everyone skates a lot of street here, and often go out in large groups, so I got into shooting both the tricks going down and people hanging out behind the scenes. I ended up with all these photographs essentially documenting the Cardiff skateboarding scene, and my friend Sadie at Project Upcoming convinced me to do a zine! I’m really happy with how it came out.

I also noticed you managed to get a few of your photos into the new Youth Is My Excuse zine by Blame Your Parents, how did this come about?

I’ve followed Amy who does Blame Your Parents on Intagram and Cargo (Collective) for a while, and when I saw she was doing the zine I thought I’d submit some photos. Both her work and Blame Your Parents stuff are great.

Who do you look up to in the photographic world?

I could list so many. Boogie is one of my all time favourites, he’s incredible. In terms of skateboarding, Marco Hernandez in New York and Dog in South London are both great photographers, capturing the energy of the skate scenes they’re involved in perfectly. I recently found out about a Russian photographer called Petr Barabaka, who also takes amazing photographs. I’m also lucky to have lots of friends that shoot photos that are constant sources of inspiration!

“The other I’d say is Billy 50-50ing the curved bench in the Hayes, the black and white really paid off in that. I’d like to think I captured the energy of the trick, but in an aesthetically pleasing composition.”

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

Which photo in your gallery is your favourite, why is that?

The cover of Sandy lying on the block at Bute Square is an obvious choice, just because I love the angle on it, how content he looks and how much that spot means to Cardiff skateboarding. The other I’d say is Billy 50-50ing the curved bench in the Hayes, the black and white really paid off in that. I’d like to think I captured the energy of the trick, but in an aesthetically pleasing composition.

Anything we can look forward to?

I’m currently working on a less-themed zine, a collection of photographs across the four years I’ve been shooting film. I’ve been playing around with laying them out by colour, and also by juxtaposition because there’s everything from people bleeding everywhere and being scumbags, to horses on a beach and waterfalls. I’m trying to finish my last year of uni before I get too distracted, but hopefully that’ll be done summer time.

Apart from that, I should have some more photos features in a few collective zines here and there.

Any hairy situations whilst being a photographer?

Nothing too crazy actually, nah. I’ve had my fair share of people shouting and being pissed off by me taking their photo without their permission, but never been attacked. Although because I take a camera out with me skating a lot I’ve banged up a good handful of cameras slamming on my way to and from a session.

Out of all the projects you have been apart of, which has been your favourite?

I’ve been shooting photos for a while now but haven’t actually done that many projects. I did an exhibition with Asher Lloyd and Ollie Murphy two years ago that was the first time I’ve exhibited my photographs and I’d have to say that because it was a surreal and also really fun experience. All our friends came down and we had a pretty wild night.

Any last words?

Just thanks for taking interest in my work, the reaction to Lords of Butetown has been overwhelming.

Instagram: reids_world


Link to Buy the Zine here

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