Perry Gibson

Age: 23

What drew you to photography? 

 Photography has always been something I’m into, in college it didn’t work out too well; maybe my head just wasn’t in it. Either way, I failed at AS level and didn’t pursue it until university. Where even then I didn’t study it. My course – Media and Journalism -required some form of medium for you to showcase your work, with that being said the camera always seemed like my most natural way to create art. After shooting for so long, I started to love what I was doing with a camera, and it’s important to love what you do. So from there I just started shooting when I could, shooting is the only time where I’m solely thinking about one thing. In some ways, photography brings me clarity.

How would you describe your style?

Honestly, B&W photography seems to find its way to my Instagram a lot. There’s something about the contrast between the white and blacks and the different shades of grey that I enjoy manipulating. Reflecting on my work now it could be suggested that my work differs depending on what I am shooting; Live music prompts me to use stage lighting to recreate the mood of the performance visually. When it comes to journalistic imagery, I’m usually drawn to the results of the actions taken, opposed to the injustice happening in real time. Figuring out my style is something I’m still looking to define myself.

What camera do you like to use?

Olympus Om-2/Nikon D810/Nikon F100.

Which photographers influence you and why?

Roy Metzker work with shadows is something that inspires me when I’m street shooting. Tall cityscapes create isolating areas for shadows. The confined spaces that shadows occupy personally reflects the isolating, lonely nature of living in a big city.

What motivates you as a photographer?

Different focal points you can take within one moment. Alternative ways of looking at a scene can keep me shooting in one place for hours. A book that I created last year called The Dance Of The Sweet Science is focused around boxing and it was in that period of shooting I consider the previous statement. Shooting in these situations was testing because the subjects were always moving. Occupying different part of the ring, then suddenly the subjects would be in close vicinity of each other which would open up another realm of shooting possibilities.

What feelings does photography evoke? 

Excitement and frustration.


“Boxing is as much a mental struggle than it is a physical one, this image packages that sentiment I think.”

Which of these images is your favourite, why? 

The image of the boxer where he is resting against the ropes is my favourite because it sums up the hurdle that boxers are always fighting throughout their amateur and professional careers. Exhaustion. Boxing is as much a mental struggle than it is a physical one, this image packages that sentiment I think.

Digital or film?

Film – I feel as if it’s simply a more organic method of shooting. The feeling of limitations is apparent when I’m shooting analogue photography, which forces me to work with what I have. Which for me results in creating imagery that is more appropriate to the scene I’m shooting.

What’s been the best project you’ve worked on so far? 

My current project entitled ‘Sovereign’. It encompasses all the things I love to do, editorial design and photography and writing.

Can you tell us a bit more?

Sovereign looks to visually document the creative works of millennial artist’s and engage with multi-instrumentalist creatives who allow other subject matters to influence the practices they hold dear. Not only is Sovereign a platform for emerging artists, but also a guide. A lot of the features on the artists I’m engaging with are based on their experiences in various creative industries. So ideally I’d like to think people can get an understanding of the industry they’re looking to get into from the focal point of emerging talent.

What’s one thing you wish you knew when you first started taking photos?

That street photography is 99.9% about failure – Alex Webb

Any final words?

Can ya dig it?


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