Eric Sans has spent his 23 years in a small town near Barcelona. Being so close to the Mecca of BMX, he documents the lifestyle of some of the most renowned riders, whilst travelling all over the world riding, partying, and photographing. We get to know more about the man himself.

Age: 23… this morning I wasn’t sure if I was 23

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Eric Sans, I’m from a small town near Barcelona and I’ve been riding BMX for a good part of my life, partied another quarter of it too, and painted a fifth.
The rest is just a big blur.

What do you generally like to take photos of?

Daily life, my friends, architecture, landscapes, graffiti. I don’t know what I’m doing sometimes, I just know that I need to take that picture right then and there. If it draws my attention, I’ll shoot it no matter what it is… everyone has their own vision of reality. Some parts of my life are ordinary, some others aren’t and I’m just shooting it all.

What camera do you use? 

Olympus mju ii

How would you describe the narrative behind your images?

Nothing is ever planned, I like it raw; also my setup right now is basic af, point, shoot & pray it came out decent. I’m mostly trying to immortalize one unique moment in my life.

Throughout your growth, who or what has influenced your photography style?  

The photographers I’ve been meeting through riding BMX. People like Nathan BeddowsEisa BakosFooman, Lucho Vidales, Aaron Zwaal and lord Vince Perraud…just to name a few, these mans are artists to me. I’m really amazed by their work all the time and I’m just learning. David Grant is who got me into this, his photos are really good too. Raw man ting.

What pushes you to continue photographing?

Life itself and my love of capturing some of its moments during the time I’ve got in it. Friends mostly. It also really helps me become more open and active per say, it’s almost like therapy for me sometimes; and my friends are epic. yep.

Why do you shoot on film over digital, and what do you think of the recent film renaissance?

I got nothing against digital, I just feel like film is right for me. I quite like to take some time to get the results, it makes me not worry about many things until I get the pictures. Obviously it’s frustrating when they don’t come out right but it’s still a frame nonetheless, it’s still that unique moment you lived through, and yeah it came out blurry haha but that’s part of the film magic, so I’m not really fussed when they go wrong. I still have so much to learn and new equipment to get.

I think it’s cool,  I guess. I see many of my friends now getting film cameras now too and that’s cool but doesn’t really concern me… I’ll always be doing my thing. I guess I’m one of them newborn too hey. I’ve always been more into the classic looks, I had a VX and a TRV to film with too so it’s always been an old camera in my hands.


Which of your images has the strongest impact to you, why? 

The one where my mum is looking out the window, I took it while I was being taken into the surgery waiting room to go under surgery myself. I’m surprised it came out decent, I was drugged up from the tranquillisers.

Are you currently working on any projects?

Getting my life together for fucking once.

Any last words? 
Thanks for finding interest in my little work.

Follow Eric’s work here: @eircsnas


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