Influenced mostly by overwhelming feelings of nostalgia, Finnegan Travers’ photographs explore personal relationships with the people closest to him. We chat to Finn about inspirations, cameras and the recent film renaissance…

Tell us about yourself.

Well, I’m 23 years old currently living in Stokey Newington, London. Currently photographing anything and everything from portraits to porn. I also run a small Collective – 5RA. Big ups everyone involved in that.

What do you generally like to take photos of?

Generally there has to be a level of intimacy within what I shoot – I, like most people, find intimacy within people. Don’t get me wrong, when I see a piece of architecture or a pattern it really gets me hard, but people are my main source and focus. Plus I love watching people squirm in front of the lens, its hilarious.

What camera do you use?

If i use anything other than my hasselblad I feel as though i’ve cheated on her. But I do fuck with 35mm just as often as I do 120mm with an olympus point and shoot… by the way photographers hate this question.

How would you describe the narrative behind your images?

Well my work is my own. It’s only ever going to be my insight into the world. If you dig it then thats cool, if you don’t think it doesn’t bother me. I take pictures for myself of my life. Selfish really, but hey! It’s only ever between me and the subjects.

Throughout your growth, who or what has influenced your photography style?

My friends mainly. They give me so much more than I could ask for. The way influence works is how inspired you are by something or someone to charge or add something to your own way of thinking. My crew give me a headache and more each day. They’re all just so darn creative.

What pushes you to continue photographing?

In a nut shell. Nostalgia. I often feel abnormally overwhelmed by the feeling itself. Its an extremely heavy emotion for me. I guess when I was around 14/15 I had a ton of images of day to day life that I shot with my friends. We use to get stoned and look back through them all, it was fantastic fun. But as you get older your practice changes, your style too and it becomes harder to take the ordinary photos that you once did. I just wanna keep shooting and as long as I am still shooting, I think i’ll be just fine.

Why do you prefer to shoot on film over digital, and what do you think of the recent film renaissance?

I still shoot digital. I’ve never been one to say “die digital die!” Its a nice format, usually I just shoot outings for memorabilia with it. But I guess I prefer film because I learnt it second. Growing up with digital cameras at your finger tip it was only natural that I’d use it first. But I quickly learnt that I felt better shooting with film – I guess I take my time more and think about it per negative. I also dig that people are in love with film, its crazy good for the industry to reproduce film!


“I think its a good representation for youth. We don’t always appreciate it, but we’re all doing the same shit at the end of the day.”



Which of your images has the strongest impact to you, why?

I guess it would the image from my new project Palace Karma. I shot it whilst in this long park near the place we were staying. It was such a beautiful park, full of character and energy. We watch a dude do some tai chi for hours, he was into it. But the photo itself I think its a good representation for youth. We don’t always appreciate it, but we’re all doing the same shit at the end of the day. But that’s something quite special in my opinion, be it sitting in a field in Devon or sitting in a park in Lisbon. I like to think we’re all in it together.

Are you currently working on any projects?

I’ve just finished a project titled “PALACE KARMA” that was based in Lisbon. I guess it has an underbelly theme of love as I mainly shot my girlfriend. She’s just so fucking attractive.

Any last words?

Thank you for having me you lovely bunch. Also…5RA.

Instagram: finnegan.5ra


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