Amy Warwick


I’m 22.

What influenced you to start making photographs?

When I was 13 or whatever I wanted to be able to take photos just like the ones I saw in Sidewalk Magazine, so I bought a cheap compact camera and started shooting my friends skating. Of course the photos I took were awful, but I remember it being a lot of fun.

What content do you like to create?

I still like to shoot my friends skating but I’d like to think my photos have improved and I’ve developed a style now. I shoot almost entirely on film, mostly youth culture stuff, my friends, street photography and portraiture.


Most of your photos are of your friends and the situations you get in to, do you think it is important to document them?

It’s a funny one because it’s important to me but then I always question whether other people will give a fuck. I love shooting my friends and documenting the good times, but a lot of people who look at my photos or buy my zines probably don’t know my friends, so would they care? I don’t know. But it’s definitely cool to watch how my friends have grown when looking back at older photos and it’s funny to look back on the dumb things we’ve done.

How did Blame Your Parents Press come about and where did the name come from?

The name came from some graffiti I saw on a wall in Brighton in March last year. I got a photo of it and stuck it in my first ever zine, which went on to be named Blame Your Parents. In November that same year I started the press as my Pilot Major Project during my final year at university. I wanted the press to be a celebration of youth culture and the name Blame Your Parents was a good fit, so I stuck with it. I really didn’t expect the press to develop into much but people seemed to be into it! I received a lot of support at the start and still do now, which is amazing. Blame Your Parents is still going and will be a year old this November.

It seems to be quite popular to have a point and shoot camera at the moment, do you have an opinion on the rise of film photography?

I like that film is popular. It means that some labs are still around and film is easy to buy in a lot of shops. I’ve definitely noticed a rise in popularity of point and shoot cameras which is cool but also means they cost more money now which isn’t so cool.

Has this benefited your printing company?

Yeah I reckon so. The vast majority of photos that are sent in are film photos, which is great.

Who do you look up to in the photographic world?

God, so many people. Some of the greats, Larry Clark, Dash Snow, Ryan McGinley. But also younger photographers I’ve discovered or met through social media and through Blame Your Parents; Sophie Leigh, Reid Allen, Sadie Bailey and loads more. I’m constantly inspired by photographers around me.

“It’s a funny one because it’s important to me but then I always question whether other people will give a fuck”


What is your favourite photo from the ones you have sent?

Probably the photo of the four people sitting on the grass. It’s not a particularly good photo or anything, they’re just four of my favourite people in the world. It was shot in summer 2016 at my friend Theo’s parents house in Brentwood, Essex which is the town we all grew up together in.

You have three zines, right? Can you tell us about them?

I have four published through Blame Your Parents. Two group zines and two of just my work. Oi Punk!, Youth is My Excuse, Skate and Sabotage and Fags, Tags and JD Bags. They’re all shot on film and are based on youth culture. I think Youth is My Excuse will always hold a special place in my heart because it was the first group zine I’ve ever made and before I put the call out for submissions I had very little experience making zines and no experience of curating other peoples work. The amount of people that wanted to get involved in it was mad, I was completely overwhelmed. It was also picked up by Nowhere Fast in Canada which is my first international stockist, which is cool.

You’ve just graduated University, whats the next adventure?

Work on Blame Your Parents a lot more – more zines, new products. Travel some more, start some new personal projects. Start what I hope will be a fun and long creative career. Maybe start paying off my university debt some day..

Anything we can look forward to?

Two more zines are currently in the works and I’m really excited about both of them. One of them is a split group zine in collaboration with Then There Was Us and it’s looking great so far. The other will be the first zine to showcase work by one photographer that isn’t me, so that’s gonna be pretty special. A show at some point in the future too.

Any last words?

Blame Your Parents.

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