Lei-Mai Lemaow

Tell us about yourself. 

Well I’m a scouser living in Manny, with a history of graffiti and general problems with authority. I like to make art and clothes and I love beer.

What content do you like to create? 

Everything and anything. I hate being limited to one thing. I’ve always been the type of person that gets bored easily. If I’m not good at something straight away I find it hard to keep an interest. Luckily I’m a fast learner so it means I get to play with loads of different stuff during my working day.

What is your main medium?

Again, I just love new things… I work with spray paint, acrylic, 24ct gold, enamel, then on to clothing etc… the world is my oyster as they say!

What would you say the main narrative behind your work is?

I have absolutely no idea. I guess going back to the first question, my hate for authority!!

What drives you as an artist?

Freedom! I don’t want to be that miserable person working for some prick at ‘the top’ I want my actions and decisions to determine where I end up, I don’t know where that will be and having had no financial backing and coming from nothing I’m not gonna lie it’s a struggle, but at least at the end of it I will only have myself to blame or thank.

What did you do before you was an artist?

I worked for Carhartt for 6 years, that was my favourite job ever! Such a sick company full of amazing people. Although I always wanted to be an architect growing up, I knew I wouldn’t make it through uni as I never even went in to school so my first ever job was in a solicitors, that fuelled my hatred for working underneath somebody, then after that I had about a million other random jobs that I just got bored of too, milliner, hairdresser, PR etc until I realised I just wanted to design and paint.

“Don’t be a hermet, get out and do shit that makes you feel nuts, fuck peoples opinions.”



Ikea bags, whats the deal? 

I think its 1 for 30p, pretty good deal hahah nah messin’ I dunno it’s just another fad.

It is quite obvious that you have an obsession with trainers, when did this start?

I was around 13 I asked for this pair of Nike Air Max 1 I’d seen. I got a pair of adidas instead and was gutted, haha! I was a bit of a naughty kid (scally haha) so I ended up managing to get enough money together for the AM1 and got loads of compliments about them. Fashion and trainers and generally being in the most up to date garms has always been a big thing in Liverpool, that’s when my obsession began. I started meeting other people who were in to trainers and discussing them, collecting them. This fell off for a bit when I got to about 16 and tried to be more girly, that faze passed rapid and in my early 20’s, about 14 years ago, I began to collect again double time.

Who do you look up to in the creative world?

I always get asked this and it’s a hard one to answer. I look up to people who have similar backgrounds to me and are smashing it, but I obviously also just love peoples talents, I can’t start to name people because my interests are so broad there are so many amazing people to list.

You also have your own clothing line, Toromai can you tell us a bit about this? 

So I worked in Carhartt for a long time, I just love clothes and always have. I knew I wanted to make garms and I have, each drop has sold out but unfortunately I don’t have the funds to get it out there as much as I like but it’s so nice to see support still. Hopefully I can focus more on that next year as I always get such great feedback. I’ve recently shot this next drop with a couple skaters from London and a video is getting shot with some skaters up here in Manny so watch this space!

Anything we can look forward to?

More paint more garms!

Out of all the projects you have been apart of commission based and personal, which has been your favourite?

I think to be honest I most enjoyed Carhartt when I started, I was convinced I was doomed for failure (after a history of dead jobs in Liverpool) when I moved to Manchester for a change, the manager from the new Carhartt store poached me from another store I was working at, it gave me so much confidence and really pushed me to know my worth. So out of everything I appreciate that time more than anything. Other than that to be honest my favourite moments are probably the ones I can’t show anyone. The mad experiences that remind me life is worth living and not just for working.

Any last words?

Don’t be a hermet, get out and do shit that makes you feel nuts, fuck peoples opinions.

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