Connor Weinstein


Age: 22

Tell us about yourself.

I was born in Las Vegas but moved to London when I was 5 and have grown up here ever since. Got into skateboarding when I was a kid and that has pretty much sculpted my life ever since. I’d always had an appreciation and interest in photography but it was through skateboarding that I actually picked up a camera and started shooting photos.

What do you like to shoot?

I mainly like to shoot portraits but that’s not strictly all I shoot. Its more the things that grab my attention that I like to shoot. The things I would want to see if I was looking at them from an outsider’s perspective. It can be something physically really beautiful or something physically really gnarly. Just as long as the subject matter is cool to me and it looks good when I look through the viewfinder.

What camera do you use?

Pentax K1000 with a 28-50mm lens and a constant rotation of point and shoot cameras because I keep losing them or breaking them. Nothing fancy.

What would you say the main narrative behind your images are?

I think my photos are a representation of me and what I care about. The people and the cultures I’m into. I don’t know if anyone else sees my work that way, I’d like to think they do but who knows.

What drives you as a photographer?

A big drive for me at the minute is how fucking boring so much stuff is. The amount of photographers who all do exactly the same shit. A while ago I looked back at a lot of my work and realised that if I was looking at it from an outsider’s perspective I wouldn’t give a shit, it wouldn’t do anything for me. That was a big thing for me when I realised that. The other thing that I can’t stand at the moment is the endless point and shoot party photos. I was having a conversation with someone about this and they made the point “no one gives a fuck if you don’t know the people in the photos”. Which for me is true, and don’t get me wrong I’ve fully been a culprit of this shit too. Obviously there are exceptions, but just the endless badly shot photos of some random group of people at a house party. But because its shot on film on an automatic point and shoot, it makes it a good photo? Go fuck yourself.

Who do you look up to in the photographic world?

My favourite photographer ever is Glen E Friedman. Obviously because he’s a great photographer and shot the birth of my favourite sub-cultures, well they’re not sub-cultures anymore. But also because his approach to photography is so raw, even when he was doing photo shoots for album covers. It would still be this super minimal setup, just his camera and one light or whatever. That’s so cool to me.


Which photo in your gallery is your favourite, why is that? 

I’m not too sure. Maybe the one of Raf tattooing Julien’s back. I shot that as part of series I made when I was working at Seven Doors Tattoo. I shot the whole series on Ilford 3200 and the high amount of grain that you get when shooting that film I think worked well for the series but especially for that one. That’s the first photo I shot at the shop and I think sums up the series pretty well when I look back on it.

Anything we can look forward to?

The I SHOULD NOT BE HERE 2 group zine. ISNBH is a skate crew foremost, but a load of us in the crew shoot pictures so I think of it as a photo collective as well. We already made one group zine which was super cool, although looking back I don’t really like my photos in it. Everyone else’s photos are so much better. But yeah the second one is going to be rad, keep a look out for it.

Any hairy situations whilst being a photographer?

Nothing I can really think of, where I’ve been the ones taking the photos anyway. I’ve been in plenty of bad situations that have been captured by other people. To be honest there’s probably been a fair few sketchy situations while I’ve been shooting that I don’t remember because I’ve been a bit worse for wear. I have a lot of photos that I have absolutely zero memory of ever taking.

Out of all the projects you have been apart of, which has been your favourite?

I really liked the Winner group show that my friend Sophie Leigh curated. It was a really cool show that had my friends in it. I got to have my photos and paintings in it which I was happy about. Sophie did a really good job on that one.

Any last words?





I’m getting around to it…



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