Travel Series: Ukraine

Photography And Words: Scarlett O'flaherty

Scarlett is a university graduate with an ambition to travel and document a culture that is far away from her own. The English documentary photographer previously gave us an isight into the Felician Franciscan Congregation of Female Habits (Catholic Nuns) in Krakow, Poland and since then has taken a recent trip to Ukraine, Kiev to make work about life after the EuroMaiden revolution that was expected to reform and improve the citizens way of life.


We spoke to Scarlett about her new project;

“Disillusionment in the new President has led to the establishment of a protest camp beside government buildings in Kiev. This has symbolic resonance as it is the first street protest movement to have emerged since 2014 and is close to the site of the original massacre of almost 130 civilian protesters. The activists excuse the government of being too weak in the face of Russia’s annexation of the Crimea region of Ukraine and its support for pro-Russian separatists.

This ongoing piece of work comes from my second visit to Ukraine, after living in Poland for seven months I was surprised by how different neighbouring Ukraine was. It remains very soviet, not only in its brutalist architecture but also culturally and politically. It still faces the east for guidance and the lack of desire by those in power to become affiliated to western Europe was the catalyst for the 2014 revolution. Corruption is rife throughout all levels of power and there is a deep divide between a rich ruling oligarchy and the rest of society who are very poor.”



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